Camp Lotsadogs


Camp LotsaDogs is a Leash Free, supervised, fenced in 10 ACRE doggie camp for dog day care & boarding. We are open year round, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

No need to crate your dog all day or leave them alone anymore.
Why not let your dog play all day while you're at work?

Going away? Do you want peace of mind?
No more wondering if someone is really taking them for walks, or if they are caged all day & just let out for runs occasionally. Let your dog stay with us, and you can be sure that your pet will be safe, well exercised, and HAPPY!

Susan, Jessie, Hank, Gizmo & 'Stafa


Susan has fulfilled her life-long dream by opening Camp LotsaDogs!

Prior to opening her dream facility, Susan commuted to Toronto where she enrolled Hank and Jessie in a similar facility. Hank and Jessie loved camping so much that Susan began volunteering at their Doggy Camp. She soon realized it was time to make her dream a reality. Camp LotsaDogs was born.

Her wonderful doggie companions, Hank, Jessie, Gizmo & 'Stafa are her soul mates. Now Susan shares her dream with canine pals of every kind. Whether day campers or boarders, Susan welcomes them to Camp LotsaDogs. Hank, Jessie, Gizmo & 'Stafa are excited about it, too.

Come to Camp LotsaDogs and see why Hank, Jessie, Gizmo & 'Stafa love camp so much. Meet Susan and have a tour and a coffee. We hope to see you soon!



My name is Hank and I'm a hound/lab mix. I live here at Camp LotsaDogs with my mom Susan, my big sister Jessie and little brother Gizmo and 'Stafa too! Jessie is a princess...hmph! At least, that's what my momma calls her. She is a lab mix and she's very nice. Shhhhhh! You can't tell her I said that; it would ruin my 'little brother' reputation. Gizmo is a HUGE Papillion and my mom calls him "Tiny Bubbles" Ahahahahaha.

It's "Lotsa" fun here at Camp LotsaDogs. We play and romp and splash in the stream. And great humans play with us! Know what I can do? I can put three toys in my mouth at one time...isn't that awesome? Momma says that's 'cause I'm a lab...hee-hee...

Come play with us! You can even camp over when your humans go away! It's "Lotsa" fun!


Handsome Hank



I'm Jessie! I just told Hank "OFF!" I could get on the computer.

I AM a princess, you know--a black lab princess--and I expect to be adored by all campers!

My little brother is always bragging about carrying 3 toys in his mouth at once-gross! I, of course, am too mature to do such a thing, but I will play with you and I will allow you to worship me...hee-hee...

So, hurry on up to our place. That's Camp LotsaDogs, you know...WOOOFF!

HRH Jessica!


I'm Gizmo! I was adopted a year ago when I was here with a bunch of other rescue dogs. I was allergic to fleas and my last owner gave me back - how nasty is that? Susi gave me some anti-histamine and I feel asleep and stopped itching for 10 HOURS!!! I LOVE THAT WOMAN!!

I'm 5 yrs old like Hank but I'm waaay bigger in my mind! I can make a rock RUN - I really can!! As I chase it all over the field I growl, & warble & then I KILL IT DEAD!! My mom likes it cuz after I bury them, I always, always cover the hole with a clump of grass. That way no one gets hurt. If you want to see this neat trick, you have to come to camp!

Gizmo has been promoted to Security Director!


I'm 'Stafa and I'm new but making myself well known here. I think this place is a bottomless bucket of dogs!! They just keep coming!! I like to chase balls and mom says I put some of the labs and goldens to shame because I BRING THE BALL BACK!! I like it here! The foods good, the entertainment is superb and the sleeping conditions are like no other (i get to sleep in the bed!). We go on road trips too. I'm so happy here! I like to make the new guys feel welcome too. i show them where all the good bones are buried.
Everydog should be able to come here for a visit.