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Custom Made Collars & Leashes
  • 8oz Canadian Leather, all colours from regular brights to pastels to pick your own speical shade.
  • Have your dog's NAME and Telephone Number pressed into the leather. You'll always have your dog returned to you even if their tags are lost.
  • Includes 2 'D' rings, one for tags and one as the leash attachment.
  • All Hardware is Brass or Nickle Plated*. You Choose.
  • Matching leashes available in 5' to 6' lengths.
Have you got a leash chewing dog? Leashes with 6" of chain at he bottom (No extra charge) where it attaches to the collar - the perfect place to discourage chewing without having your knuckles rapped by those all chain leashes.

in 1/2" ($19.95), 3/4" ($26.95) and 1" ($30.00) widths. Rhino 12oz, 1" width ($40.00)
  • No Extra Charge Name and Telephone number.
  • No Extra Charge Brass or Nickle Plated 'D' Rings
8oz Canadian Leather 5'-6' long 1/2" ($30.00), 3/4" ($35.00) or 1" ($40.00) Widths
Rhino 12oz leather 1" width ($53.00)
  • No Extra Charge for 6" chain attachment to the collar.
We'll help you choose your collars and Leashes based on breed and size of dog. Perfect for your own dog or as a gift for family or friends. All we require is the dog's name, telelphone number, neck size.

Also available - Custom Made Muzzles in 8 oz leather and Harness available in 8oz or 12oz leather for the Giant Breeds like Huskies and Malamutes or Guard dogs.

*Never Tarnish Stainless Steel hardware available at extra cost for collars, leashes, muzzles and harnesses.

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