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Monday, May 23, 2005

WOW!! You should see this place! It's like, DOGLAND!!
everyone is so friendly & they all keep calling me "Beautiful Chelsea" (can we change my name to that???) and 'Chelsea Bun"
I was a little stressed when we got here and goobered a bit but Su told me hat was ok and perfectly normal so I stopped doing it.
She lets me eat with her dogs and sleep upstairs on her bed too (I have to beat Gizmo to the bed tho cuz he doesn't let anyone on it if he gets there first).
I've been playing with and supervising the 9 week old boxer and 8 mo old pug and boarder terrier (su calls him The Rodent. I like Beautiful Chelsea much better) ;-)
We went swimming twice and then she blew the water off our fur with this machine and it wasn't so bad but I goobered again so she stopped.
We get brushed out every day and snacks that smell really BAAAD ! I LOVE THOSE!!
She gave me some raw chicken like her dogs get in my food - can i have that too at home??? It's beyond yummy. SU told someone about it & they said 'EEEWWW Samonella" and Su told them since we lick our bums it doesn't bother us. Is this true? I can eat all kinds of raw stuff just cuz i can lick my bum - NEAT!!!
Busy now - see ya! (don't for get me though ok?)
Love, your favourite (and only) daughter
Beautiful Chelsea (just practicing) ;-))))

NOTE FROM SU: Chelsea is doing amazingly well especially considering her history. She was shy 7 stressed at first but in typical lab/hound/beagle fashion, couldn't resist the excitement. She adjusted perfectly and hope you'll send her once or twice week for day camp to keep her fit and happy.