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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Hi MOM!!
It's ME!! COMET! or Cosmic Boy as they call me here (is it a compliments you think?)
I'm having so much fun here!! I can't beleive youi told them i can only poop when you're around!! How embarassing MOM!!! How could you do that??@!!@ they have fits of laughtwer everytime i go poop! NOW I'm gonna have a complex!!! Did you think i could hold it in til you got back?!!! GEEEZ! Total humiliation my first day! Dave walks in telling Su that i pooped all the way down the run and Su said I'm supposed to have trouble pooping 'if my mommy isn't with me'!!!! ouch!
Anyway, enuf about poop. there are some really great dogs here and i am having a very good time but i gotta tell you - be careful what you wish for - you just might get it! I've always dreamed of playing all day, eating pizza and playing some more - AND I AM TIRED OUT!! No one should play all day!! it's too tiring. I'll be so glad to see you and go home to sleep for a week or two! (wouldn't mind some day camp tho after I recover).
I sure miss you in case you think i don't. Do you miss me? I bet you forgot all about me til now, having fun, all without me! KIDDING! I know you'd miss me cuz i'm the BEST!
Come home soon!
I love everyone and miss you all too.