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Letters from Camp...

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Dear Mom & Dad
No doubt you guys are off somewhere forgetting all about me!
Bet you're thrilled to have found some place to leave me & sneak off on your own... kidding! Bet I'm having more fun than you!
I got my bed and all the extra beds I feel like using (Jessie seems to sneak into my bed sometimes but she's not so bad - old tho so I'm being polite about it) all to myself.
I know Su has this place wired for sound and video (pervert!) so we sometimes wait til like 2am and let a couple howls out! Bet she jumps outta bed!!! hahahahahha We Like to do it at 5:30am too!!! If we're up, she better be up. Gotta keep these counsellors on their toes!
There's this weird guy here named Blake - he spends all his indoor time trying to hump me - SIDEWAYS!!
Su has to yell at him a lot to get him off me - when I try to hump Kobe, I'm waaay more discrete so I don't get yelled at hahahahahhahaha!!!!
Actually I think that Blake guy gets yelled at a lot at home - Su just yells 'Blake!" and he gets this look on his face like 'Geeez, caught again". Also he EAT stuff! Doesn't just chew them up but SWALLOWS them. He was chewing on my blanket & actually ATE a piece!!! I saw it disappear! I can't wait to see it come out the other end in a day or so!!! ahahahahhaha
Gotta go! Lights are going out.
Love you
Your son Dexter (don't forget!)