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Thursday, August 10, 2006

I am having such a good time!! i just give Su my 'adoring look" and i COOKIES!! and HUGS!!! AND SIT IN HER LAP!! I'm so SMART and she FALLS FOR IT EVERY TIME!!
I didnt' feel like eating the first day and used my 'sad look' and now she adds the raw stuff to my food so i eat like a pig. i figure it's the least i can do.
I play a lot with the other guys but i gotta tell ya - I AM TIRED~!!
I miss you something awful tho. wish you could be here with me (but i doubt i'd get all those cookies if you WERE here so this is working out as well as it can. I can have my cookies and eat them too!)
I am being a good boy in case you were wondering.(NOTE FROM SU: It's true, he's a VERY good boy but you gotta tell him - I've got 4 dogs of my own who use 'the looks' I know EXACTLY what he's doing).
AND mom, i don't bite anyone's hand that's HOLDING the cookie either.
Su said you're coming home in 5 more 'sleeps'!
Bye i love YOU!!