Camp Lotsadogs

Letters from Camp...

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Look at how cute I am when I laugh!
Hi Mom & Dad,
No doubt you guys are off somewhere forgetting all about me!
Bet you're thrilled to have found some place to leave me & sneak off on your own... kidding! Bet I'm having more fun than you!
I got a double cabin all to myself. I almost got to stay in the main cabin but there was a little problem of my almost using the microwave as a football - how was I to know Gizmo can't catch??!! Geez!
I like it better out here anyway. I have the triplet boarder collies and other assorted campers who come & go.
I know Su has this place wired for sound and video (pervert!) so we sometimes wait til like 2am and let a couple husky howls out! Bet she jumps outta bed!!! hahahahahha We Like to do it at 5:30am too!!! If we're up, she better be up. Dave's nice, he feeds us breakfast. I like to jump him the second he opens my cabin door - he knows I'm gonna do it but it seems to surprise him anyway - gotta keep these counsellors on their toes! Su's no fun, she opens the door & grabs me in a big hug FIRST!! How totally embarrassing. I gotta slink out like she's not cool & try again later.
Don't know why i ever thought rain sucked. I can get my paws black with mud & then jump the humans (including Su) & give 'em big bear hugs. Sometimes if I sneak up real quietly from behind I can actually drop 'em in the mud!!! TOO FUNNY!! How come I don't have a camera huh?
Foods good. Same as at home tho but I can suck them into a little extra bacon or cheese just by looking at it & then looking at them & curling up on my blanket & sulking. We have pizza night 3 times this week!! Su promised even tho I sorta ate one all by myself the other night (you'd think these dummies would learn after the microwave wouldn't ya?) SHe just ordered another one but i was banned to barraks - who cares, i was full anyway. Can we have double cheese, pineapple, green olives, green peppers and pepperoni on top, well done when you get home?
This girl came to check out the camp today. Her name's Winnie - what a babe!!! She looks like the female version of Hank but waaay prettier. She's coming for the weekend til monday so don't bother picking me up early!
Su got me a friabee squirrel and a squeaky pacifier (she's a real laff riot huh?). She's always running around with this stoopid camera trying to get a shot of me with it - like, AS IF! (I think the camera is on the top shelf somewhere, bummer, I could swallow it in one gulp, stoopid little thing)
Oh well, lights out, night.
Send money, more underwear and vanilla wafers ASAP
Love Inuk.

Note from Su: I have nothing to say. I'm going to have a long hot shower & get this mud off me!

Friday, July 30, 2004

make her stop calling me 'NOOKIE THE COOKIE!!!!

Monday, August 2, 2004

She hired 2, count 'em! TWO! broads to give me a bath & then SHE HELPED THEM!!!! They kept going no matter how much i howled!!! no one helped ME!!!!
Get me OUTTA here!!!
I think she's been planning this the whole 10 days! That's why she just smiled at me everytime i broke something or knocked someone over GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!