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Saturday, December 25, 2004

Here's a really good picture of me with Aussie!
Hi Mom & Dad,
Boy was I miffed when you sent me off! I realized it was Su about half way to camp and that was ok. When I got here it was waaay different from last time! There is SNOW here! Tons of it!!! The main door is now closed but there's the back door that goes out to the field. Su or Dave either lift me over the steps or take me around the other way - nice set up they have here! Lots of fence & gates & stuff so I didn't get swarmed by the pile of dogs here. I got to take my time getting to know everyone.
Su was laffing at me when she saw me run so I run a lot - I like it when Su laffs - it usually means Pizza Night! Actually she laffs a lot but pizza doesn't always appear.
I'm staying in the big main house as usual. Kate is in here too cuz she had surgery on her leg a couple weeks ago so she & I go for walks in the forest without all the pushy boys.
I like it that it's really cold out here. The people here wear a lot of clothes for some reason but I just go out in my fur coat.
Aussie, that Blue Heeler cousin of mine is here too again - wonder if he comes to see me since I'm so beautiful still, even if i do say so myself - and I do!
Camp is good, could be worse places that's for sure!
Lights out now, 'night guys!
Love, your daughter Kanga - and no, I won't be mad if you forget me again ;-)