Camp Lotsadogs

Letters from Camp...

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Hi mom & dad, it's me, your dog Kobe - remember??? You better!
I'm having fun here at camp. There's lotsa (got that from Su hee hee) girls here to chase and a new guy arrived today. His name is Chester and he's a hairbal!!! He even arrived with - get this dad - BOOTS!!! ahahahahahahhahaha
He fun to chase tho and he chases me too. Must be treads or chains or something on those boots cuz he didn't even slip when I ran 3 circles around him.
Another guy names Jack is coming tomorrow - he was here on Sunday for his pre-screening interview (what is THAT about anyway??). Guess he passed cuz he'll be here around noon. We played yesterday for awhile & he's pretty cool.
The girls, the girls - there's Misty the Great Dane (she moos like a cow sometimes & drools in her sleep but is she ever FAST at running), Mika the St. Bernard (she also come 2 times per week to day camp), Roxy is a lab shep mix, Jessie (that princess one), Kanga - she's old but at least she tried to chase me. I let her catch up before taking off a few times so she doesn't feel bad.
I wanna come to day camp too after - they have fun all day long and go home tired - just think - you wouldn't have to walk me every night i was here cuz I wouldn't want to go with you ;-) We have Pizza night tomorrow. Su said we woulda had it saturday too but the stoopid pizza place was closed - SHE wasn't a happy camper let me tell you!
Bye for now - lights are going out & we have to wake Su & Dave by barking thru the monitors to make them get out of bed (sometimes I think we make them very tired).
Your son Kobe - miss you - don't forget about me!