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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pooped Morgan
Hi Mom! Hi Dad!
It's ME ME ME ME ME!!!! Morgan!!
you must be missing me something aweful, especially since i'm pretty good now! I don't bark at the door much anymore, maybe the odd whine but that's IT!!
Su attached the picture - she thinks it's too FUNNY!! Everytime she looks at it she's ROFLMAO (Note From Su: that's Rolling On the Floor Laffing My Ass Off)
I don't see what's so funny! I WAS TIRED! WHAT'S WRONG WITH THAT??? I'm human too ya know! She falls asleep everywhere too - Do i Laff at SU? NO I DO NOT! She's threatening to use it in all her advertising! THAT'S NASTY!
I'd write more but i'm tired.
I love you guys! Can't wait til you're home (won't be soon enuf for me if she doesn't stop laffing!)

Love Morgan