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Friday, Febraury 3, 2006

Oliver Smiling
Hi DAD! Hi MOM!!
It's me, Oliver Wendel Dog writing you from Beautiful Camp LotsaDogs (ok, it's not so beautiful right now - rain for days!) but it is fun.
I'm in LOVE!!! there's this girl Jessie (not Su's Jessie - a NEW one!). She's and english setter, about a year old and lives not too far from here so she comes for day camp - can i come when she comes?
I can't catch her but sometimes she slows down a bit.
food is good, I'm hungry a lot.
I've started chasing balls here when they throw them instead of humping all day everyday. It's fun and a lot less work.
I chase the balls but after that i find i have no real interest yet. Don't see why i shld bring them back since there are more of them being thrown but 'Stafa says I'm supposed to (who died & left him king anyway, little runt).
I seem to sleep a lot lately. I can sleep for 3 hours and not worry about missing anything since something is always going on anyway.
Su let's me eat & sleep upstairs with her guys. She said not to expect it all the time (yeah right! she's gonna have to build her own house somewhere else on the property cuz she's ALWAYS letting us upstairs) but since I'm here for three weeks I might as well be part of the family.
Going back to bed (she woke me up for THIS??!!)
I love you guys and miss you a lot