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Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Hi Quincy,
Su sent us your pictures and videos. You are loving the water, we can see that. Glad you are having so much fun. It sure takes a load off of our minds (and hearts) to know you are being taken such good care of.
We are having fun in the water too. The weather is very hot here no place for a dog....but we are under the water about 80% of the day and the water is gorgeous. 83 degrees and lots of coral and stuff to see.
P.S. Thanks Su for taking care of Quincy.
Talk to you soon.

Love Mom & Dad (Lori & Bob)

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hi MOM!! Hi Dad!!
It's me! Quincy! Bet you forgot all about me (ok, i know you didn't but it was worth a jab) ;-)))
I'm doing pretty good here. room service is excellent, the food is better than at home (how come i don't get raw chicken with my tuna & kibble??) poops are good, nothing stuck to my butt which makes MY life a lot easier.
Su is a wizard at getting my pills down now that she's given up on trying to hide stuff in peanut butter, raw meat, pepperoni (I know you told her i can detect any change in food but i think she thought i might not notice stuff here). She does stick pills into the dehydrated liver and raw organ meat but the stuff is SOOOOO GOOOOD i eat it anyway (let her think what she wants - if i'm happy, everyone gets to be happy).
surprisingly enuf all the other guys are respectful of my 12 years of age. They don't try to jostle me or rush me thru the doors.
This little pup A.J. tried to hump me once but he's only 10 mos so what does he know? I just walked away and he fell down ahahahahahah.
I talked to Su's animal communicator yesterday. Her name is Claudia. She was working on Jessie who feels sometimes like she has a lump in her throat even tho nothing is physically there and doesn't want to swallow. Jessie ate 5 mins later ( i think she was holding out for the whole raw chicken they get once per week instead of the ground stuff mixed with veggies & fruit. Can't say i blame her).
Claudia talked to me a bit and i told her i like it here. she worked a tiny bit on my hips. She said they're like sponges now, old and tired and the joints of course don't have any pillows between them. She lubricated them and altho i feel a little more ease of movement (I surprised Su last night! I was at the bottom of the stairs barking to come up but she couldn't carry me up & down she said so I have to stay downstairs. But i've been getting up all by myself if no one is around - I prefer to look like I'm struggling so i get lifted. it's fun!)
Claudia also said i need some B vitamins, a nice mix of them. Su is now stuffing B50 complex into me. It does give me a littel energy. She also gives me that Traumeel stuff around 4 times a day and gave me some metacam today cuz it's raining and she THINKS i might be a little stiff today, which i'm not but it's nice not to wait til i am.
The floor is nice and just warm enuf. i can feel the heat under them but it's not too hot. Sorta like a hot water bottle without the water.
Back to food...we get raw bones here!!! I LOVE RAW BONES!!!! I LOVE THEM A LOT!!! hint hint
It's raining like crazy the last couple days but i think Su is impressed that i go out to pee & poop anyway (A.J. looked at her this morning and said "you don't mind if i pee in here do you? It's raining outside" and then he PEED!! i couldn't believe it!! He really did!! Su tossed him outside anyway and cleaned it up. not too much bugs her it seems.
Anyway, i'm tired and feel a nap coming on.
don't forget about me and i love you guys and miss you but you need a vaction and i need one more ;-)

your son