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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

I hear I'm coming HOME to YOU GUYS for my FOREVER HOME!! OH MAN!! Su told me all about you and I am so EXCITED!!! I PROMISE TO BE GOOD (well as good as I can be! I'm only a Pup you know)!!
I like to EAT!! I only shred and break and chew up stuff if you leave me alone with it. Then it's NOT my fault! I don't like being blamed for stuff I didn't do (like when you guys fart - DON'T BLAME ME!)
I love to walk and play but Su says i HAVE TO be on a leash ONLY for a WEEK (what's a week?). I DO NOT AGREE WITH HER (She's VERY BOSSY around here and so is that little tyrant GIZMO!) I can't wait to get to your house and TAKE OVER! It's important you guys know who's boss right away!
Well gotta go. I have a lot of friends here to say goodbye to. I don't mind leaving altho i will miss the people and dogs here. Maybe we can come visit sometimes?
I already LOVE you ALL

Hi Riley, I canít wait to come and get you today, in fact, weíll be leaving at 8:30, so should probably be there about 9:30am. Iím glad to hear you want to visit Sue again Ďcause you and your new sister Bandit will be visiting again from July 30th until Sept 14th, as mommy is going away again, but donít you worry, weíll always come back for you and if you feel lonely, just stick close to your big sister Bandit, she knows the ropes! She might be a little bossy, like most big sisters are, but donít you worry, Iíll take good care of you and give you lots and lots of love Ė forever.

Love your new mamma