Camp Lotsadogs

Letters from Camp...

Saturday, April 9, 2005

Hi Mom, Hi Dad!!!
Su said you went someplace called Arooooba!! Sounds like I'd like it there too! Arooooba! Do they howl?
MAN!! No wonder you named me ROMEO!!! You should see the Chicks HERE!!!! So many choices, so little time!! (Oh, never mind - Su says I have all week! Wheeew!)
Roxy & me have been placing chew-face all day but I also like to play with Morgan. Tomorrow Mika is coming in the afternoon for two weeks and so is Mama (bet she's HOT!!! AROOOOOBA!)
GEt this! I get locked up for an hour everytime my food appears!! Not good! the girls & others go out side and Hank & Giz come to laff at me. Just wait til I'm a BIG BOY! then it'll be AROOOOBA!!!
Gotta go, stuff to do!
Love YOU!! BET YOU MISS ME! ahahahahhaaaa

Monday, April 11, 2005

Hi Mom & Dad!
Su said she'd take my pics tomorrow - me & Mika go tumbling everywhere and the others are cool toooooo.
you still in Arooooooba??? ahahahahahahah
Love, your only happy son
Romeo aroooobaaaa ahahhahhaaa