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Monday, May 23, 2005

Hi mom & dad,
Woulda wrote sooner but been too busy. There are TONS of Puppies here!!! Big ones, small ones and medium ones!!!
all for ME!!! I've spent the last few days beating on a 9 week old boxer and a 9 month old pug - too much fun!!!
I'm eating raw food too!! I'm a BIG WOLF so don't you forget it!! GRRRRRRR ahahahahahaha
I like chunks of chicken better than the ground up wussy stuff.
We play in the pools and run, run run. We chased a 150lb Malamute (I really showed him!) Mika is here again (she's the st Bernard) and she let me beat her up too! I like this place A LOT!! Don't forget to pick me up tho. I'm getting a little pooped. It's tuff on me having to keep order here all day everyday.
See you soon
Your only son
Love Tipper