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Pat Prevost

Pat Prevost R.H.N. is a Wellness Facilitator, specializing in the human-animal bond in both large and small animals. Pat offers over a decade of extensive study, work and experience in this specialized field. Pat works to identify the unique stresses in the bond and in the environment in which it is found. She then coaches you in various de-stressing techniques that will support you in your life long journey of love and companionship with your animal friend(s). Physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance & imbalance are a reflection of the lives in which we live. The awareness that these balances and imbalances exist, help us to accept & to change the lives that we live.

Awareness can be facilitated in many effective ways leading to a positive lifestyle change and a return to holistic health.

Energy systems for the animal and/or human are assessed using:
  1. the energetic language of the animal or human chakra system,
  2. the philosophy of traditional chinese medicine, five element theory, meridian awareness,
  3. education on the 'language' of body systems, stress = emotional load = physiological disruption,
  4. identifying the imbalances manifesting from various other associated environmental stresses,
  5. knowledge of a foundational diet in species specific natural nutrition.
Animal spirit awareness integrated with knowledge of classical animal behaviour is provided to facilitate client awareness to the unique 'language' of imbalances found in the physical and behavioural challenges of their animals.

The goal is to bring to light the opportunity for mutual healing found in the sacred human-animal bond.

Pat Prevost is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Dowser, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, BEAM Therapy Practitioner, Flower Essence Producer and Practitioner, S.E.T. System for Life Practitioner, & Recognized Therapeutic Touch Practitioner with over a decade of experience & study in holistic wellness for humans & animals. Please note: Client's animals must be under current veterinary care. Wellness facilitation is not a replacement for veterinary care.

Please contact Pat to learn more about her modalities. Ask how they can help you to develop a set of personal tools that will not only help you with your current challenges but will empower you to be able to work with any recipe of stresses that you are expereinecing in your life. Whether this stress is found in the barn, in the kennel, in the home or at work, or even perhaps away at performance events where the level of challenge is enhanced, you will be more confident and skilled at navigating through it.

Pat's goal is to teach you, through the knowledge of animal spirit awareness, added to simple and easy to learn de-stressing techniques, to develop a strategy for co-creativity with your animal that will serve "you" throughout the entire journey of that special bond. Available from Pat directly a self-help kit comprised of easy exercise cards for your human-animal bond called - "The Human-Animal Bond Primer " - Copyright 2005, TB Productions (TBP). Created & Published by Pat Prevost RHN All rights reserved.

Pat is currently getting ready a book on the human-animal bond, to be self-published in 2005. Please keep in touch with her at (905)841-1044 regarding the book, to find out more about her practice, or to book an appointment with her.

Pat is an accomplished author, speaker, conference presenter and workshop and seminar leader. Please do not hesitate to ask her about arrangements and fees to present to your group.