Camp Lotsadogs


Thanks Sue! I hope Tasca was a good boy and didn't give you too much trouble. From what I saw of your service it was awesome. Hopefully we won't be away too often, but if we are I feel good knowing that Tasca has place he can go to that we trust. It was really nice to see those picture while we were away, but made us miss our pup.

Tasca says, "Hi! & Woof".

Thank again,
Jeff & Kim

Hey Susan,
Thanks for the letter and photo, and for taking such good care of my boy. He's pooped! And I have noticed that he is not scared of every strange dog he sees on the street. He must have met some nice dogs and learned to stand up for himself a bit. He is also less apprehensive of strangers who want to say hi. In short, he's grown up a lot in a week! He has told me that his kibble is almost too boring to eat now that he's tasted the raw stuff, so I was wondering if you could recommend any good websites with recipes and advice.
Thanks so much. You'll definitely hear from me again next time I need to board my beast.


Update: As expected, Buddy had been pretty much a slug all day but there have been a couple of behaviour changes that I've noticed.

1. After 4 years of coaxing to no avail, Buddy has finally decided that going downstairs and laying on the cool cement is a good thing. LOL

2. Looked at me with disdain when I ask him to open his mouth to take a pill. Actually made a grrr sound when I attempted to open his mouth. Looks like an Alpha lesson is in his future once he gets his strength back. LOL

3. Obviously exhausted as he didn't even look up when Daddy (the great snack provider) was having a sandwich. LOL

Thanks again, Sue. I've been reading up online of other sources for the Raw Diet as well and I'm slowly beginning to think it is a good thing. It's a relief to know there are other sources for this diet in Ajax as well.
Karen & Thom and Buddy

Our family has a nine year old Australian Shepherd female, Morgan, who had obsessive compulsive behaviour with food, eat any and everything; climb into cupboards seeking anything slightly edible such as candles, shoe polish, furniture polish, jump onto counters, open capped bottles to consume vegetable oil, pills) - Smart and obsessed

As well, she had extreme anxiety whenever a person left the room, closed a door with her on the other side, escalating with frantic dives for doors, and excessive barking whenever a person left the house - Scared and 'possessed'

Beautifully laid out kennels, with packaged deals re: numbers of walks, baths, playtimes and chewy toys only aggravated the two problems with Morgan. Obedience training, agility classes gave us a well-behaved pet as long as we were together in the same room. They also gave us a very fit dog.

Complicating the situation was our move from the only home she had know with her long time neighbouring Labrador Retriever friend, to this rural community, with an entirely different environment and routine. Morgan's behaviour worsened, her eyes became cloudy and unhappy, and her coat of silken fur became dull and thin.

We have worked with the owner of Camp Lotsadogs over the past year, with animal communication to understand the underlying reasons for the food obsession/separation anxiety; herbal ingredients to treat the symptoms; a change in diet to B.A.R.F. (Biologically Approved Raw Food); and most importantly, with two day visits weekly to Camp LotsaDogs.

Sue never gave up on Morgan and would not let us do that either.
The result: Today, Morgan's eyes sparkle, her coat shines, she does not obsess about food, we can actually step onto the porch to retrieve the daily newspaper without hearing incessant yelping, and without worrying about her panicky attempts to come with us: she bounds with joy when she leaves for Camp LotsaDogs.

She still is a dog--the occasional cookie left on the counter still disappears. She still howls when we leave for work in the morning (Sue thinks she has a resource that can help with that now!). But Sue and CampLotsaDogs have wrought amazing changes in this dog.

We wish that we had met Sue and her camp nine years ago!!

Hi Quincy,
Su sent us your pictures and videos. You are loving the water, we can see that. Glad you are having so much fun. It sure takes a load off of our minds (and hearts) to know you are being taken such good care of.
We are having fun in the water too. The weather is very hot here no place for a dog....but we are under the water about 80% of the day and the water is gorgeous. 83 degrees and lots of coral and stuff to see.
P.S. Thanks Su for taking care of Quincy.
Talk to you soon.

Love Mom & Dad (Lori & Bob)

Thanks for the e-mail and all the pics. They were really cute.
She is so tired tonight, but it is nice to have her so quiet.
I hope she didn't wear you both out too much!!!
I know she is a handfull. Thank goodness she is soooo sweet.
I really appreciate you taking care of her. You are doing a great job.
See you soon,

Thanks so much for the video, I finally got a chance to look at it - we are soooo busy these days! It looks like doggie utopia - thanks for taking such good care of her.
Jennifer & Norm

This place is great, the property is a dog haven. If I were a dog, this is where I would want to go. Yukon really seemed to like it there, and the interaction with the other dogs is great. The other dogs were a hoot. They all seemed to get along well, and they were all so well controlled. There is one top dog who is the boss, and he controls all of the other dogs. It was amazing to see him in action. He put Yukon in his place too. Yukon started to growl and jump at another dog, but he immediately stopped when "Top Dog" intervened. It was also fun to see the dogs running through the muck. The dogs were given a treat when we were there, and it was so cute to see them all sitting nice waiting for their piece of the treat. Needless to say that when we got home, we too were full of muck, but that was OK. We had fun.

Hi Susan,
Just wanted to say thanks. For taking the time to educate me on vitamins for my dog Jack. We visited with jack last year. We were looking for a place to board jack while we got married away, until my relative volunteered and Jack could stay at home. Jack as serous allergies to food. Since we have visited your camp, we have been putting the powdered vitamins in Jacks Raw food diet. He is 100%!!! No chewing on his skin, no itching and scratching. His skin looks wonderful. I can't believe it. Unbelievable. We had a hard time finding a new bottle once we were out but managed to track down the company and they are happy to mail his replenishments.
Thanks for you expertise and consulting. YOu really know what you are talking about.
Sylvia and Jack

Su - thank you so much for the wonderful care and lovin's my Foxy got while staying with you. I think she had a fabulous time - since I got home she has been SOUND asleep!!!! She's clearly exhausted but told me she's glad to be home - if I was away again she also said it'd be okay to go to Camp for a little while. I will gladly recommend your camp to anyone looking to board their dogs. I'm also a firm believer in all that you call "flakey" so don't worry about that. I'll definitely call you if I want to pursue any of it.
Again, thanks muchly Su - it's always nice to go away and not worry about your dog and to know she's it great hands and having a blast - she is my "baby" afterall. Take good care and all the best in the New Year
Jody & Foxy

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! I LOVE YOU (probably not as much as Quincy), but you are making me the happiest person on Earth.
We are having fun (took us a few days to rest and get relaxed). I'll touch base by e-mail with you next week.
Keep up the good work (I hope I can continue to be as good as you when I get back).

We underwent major house remodelling and had to move out of our house and stay with relatives for 4 long months... not a terrible hardship except for one major problem, "what do we do with our 2 dogs?" We found Sue and Camp Lotsadogs after a long search and we will be forever grateful. Although we missed Sage and Saiko terribly we were able to visit every weekend to play and go for walks. They seemed to love being with Sue and the "rotating" gang of playmates. They both ate well, looked incredibly healthy and acted as if they were on holiday instead of being sent off to prison. Best of all, I had NO guilt and could focus on the headaches of a major remodel. We're back home now and they seem wonderfully well adjusted (I hate to admit it but they actually are better behaved then before they left... Our older dog used to fight with other dogs and now is a delight to take to High Park off leash. It makes going for walks immeasurably more fun.)
Thank you Sue, you were truly a lifesaver (or is that 'dogsaver?')
Tracy and John Soloninka, Toronto (April to August 2005)

Thanks for taking good care of Bailey for us while we were away! We were able to enjoy our holiday knowing that she was not placed in a crate all day and that she had lots of property to roam on and a pond to swim in. She was exhausted for two days after we got home. I believe she enjoyed her time at camp with you and her other camping friends!
Thanks again and see you soon.
Bailey and Suzette

Dear Jessie, Hank & Gizmo,
I just wanted to let you know how I'm doing. I didn't like the car ride home one bit. I sat on Kathryn's lap the whole way home. I like my new home though because I got three new toys and lots of treats! This morning I went to the doctor's. She checked me out and says I'm in really good health. She says my teeth are in pristine condition. I am 23lbs and she thinks that is alright because of my shape and because I'm stocky. She thinks that I'm a Jack cross, but she doesn't know of what. She says I have the bone structure and muscularity of a Pitt Bull or Stafford terrier, but she thinks I'm too small to be crossed with one of those. After the doctor's, I went and got a new coat and harness. Everyone loved me at Pet Valu! They gave me treats and told me I was so cute. Right now, I'm going to take a nap on Kathryn's bed because we just got home from a long walk and I'm beat! Thanks for the great care and wonderful temporary home you gave me! I'll write soon,
Love Joee

Hi Susan,
Just a word to tell you how much Kimo and Willow have enjoyed their time at Camp Lotsadogs. Just watching Kimo jump into the van tells me how much he likes to go. Your camp is laid out so well, with places for all kinds of dogs whether they are shy or more aggressive. There is lots of shade and space, and the activities you provide for them make their time more interesting and fun. I like the fact that you don't kennel the dogs during the day so that they get lots of exercise and socializing.
Thanks for giving my dogs such good care.
Carolyn Bond

Hi Susan,
Thank you for looking after Buster soooo well. He has been perfectly normal since we brought him home - no signs of trauma at all. He is a funny old guy. Spend the first 7 years of his life in a household where nobody liked him and he was low dog among 3 others. He has come a long way in 8 years we have had him. He is now totally comfortable with people and even allows grandkids to climb about on him.
Thanks so much, Marg Butler

PS I won't hesitate to recommend Camp Lotsadogs.

Sara and I are still in such awe about how big shes gotten, its like a different dog. Can't tell yet if shes mellowed out a bit or if shes just still exhausted but shes been great since shes gotten home. i think being around so many other dogs all the time has really done her well...she seems to play so much better at the park since shes gotten home. Ive been biting her face alot at night as well because im sure she misses the burmese. all the best

Dear Sue,
Just a quick note to say thanks for taking such good care of Inuk while we were on holidays, he really enjoyed himself. It was great to be able to go away and not have to worry about who was taking care of Inuk. Since he had already spent a number of days at day camp in the weeks leading up to our vacation we knew he would be comfortable being boarded at the camp, as he was familiar with the people and the surroundings. Actually I don't think he missed us at all!
I think the day camp idea is really great, especially the dropping off and picking up service at the local Go Stations. Inuk loves going to your camp for the day, while we're at work, and this service it makes what would otherwise be impossible, possible. It is especially nice to send him to camp on the days when we know we are going to be out in the evening. The days Inuk goes to camp he comes home tired from his day of play, and will just sleep in the evening when we are out. Since he has been away all day himself we don't feel guilty about leaving him for a couple of hours in the evening, whereas if he couldn't go to camp he would have been home alone all day and all evening which isn't much fun.
I would highly recommend both the day camp and boarding facilities to anyone looking for a place for their dog to stay for either a day or longer.
Yours truly,
Diana King

Hi Sue,
Just a note to say thank you for taking care of our skinny little boy. I know it's hard with the weather being so wet, I seem to be bathing the dogs daily. I believe he slept with you guys, he's quite the snuggler. His behavior seems to be improving daily, not snapping nearly as often. I think he feels loved and not nearly so insecure, which is great. Hope your business does well, and thanks again.
Diana Monks
PS - I belive he got along well with your dogs, thank goodness.

Hi Susan!
Just wanted to thank you for giving me the grand tour of Camp Lotsadogs yesterday!
It's a fabulous place that you've got there and the dogs obviously love you and their surroundings.
Thanks for the t-shirt, too! I showed it to my husband and he read it all from beginning to end, laughing all the time.
Bye for now!
Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!

Geronimo loved the camp and I can see why! Susan Genuinely loves all the dogs